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Setra S6, beige-grün/green Schuco Metallmodell 1:18


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Founded in 1893 in the German town of Ulm by master wainwright Karl Kässbohrer, the company initially
concentrated on the production of landaus, sleds, coaches and other vehicles. In 1952, Kässbohrer launched the first
German series-production coach of the post-war period, the Setra S 8. The name „Setra“ (short for „selbsttragende“)
refers to the „self-supporting“ chassis and the number 8 stands for the number of rows of seats. In 1954,
the Setra S 6, which was only 6.7 metres in length, appeared and rounded out the lower end of the series with a
compact „club coach“ model. Thanks to its independent rubber suspension on all wheels, the Setra S 6 offered carlike drive comfort. By the time production of the S 6 ceased in 1963, more than 1200 vehicles had been produced.

Warning: Collectors model. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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Setra S6, beige-grün/green Schuco Metallmodell 1:18