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Deutz F1 M414 Schuco Metallmodell 1:18


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Until the mid-1930s, agricultural tractors were only to be found on larger farms. This
circumstance changed significantly when the Deutz company, based in the Cologne
suburb of Deutz, introduced the Deutz F1 M414. The Deutz, commonly known as
the “farmer’s tractor”, thus played a major role in the motorisation of small and
medium-sized farm businesses. At the same time, it increasingly took over from horses.
With an initial purchase price of only 2,300 Reichsmarks, the F1 M414 was considered
very cheap. It’s water-cooled Deutz 11 HP diesel engine, type F1M414, lent its name
to the type designation at the same time. Its transmission had 3 forward gears and one
reverse gear. In addition a belt pulley, a PTO shaft, a mower drive and pneumatic tyres
were among its features. The Deutz was very popular with farmers, as the sales figures
also reflect. Up until 1942, approx. 10,000 units had been sold, making it the most
successful German tractor before World War II. After the war, production resumed
in the almost completely destroyed Deutz factory. In the beginning, tractors were
assembled simply out of spare parts that had survived the war. Later, the F1M414
received a fourth forward gear, a foot brake and a foot throttle. After 1950, its power
output increased from 11 to 12 HP. From 1945 up until 1951, approx. 9,000 units
were produced, meaning that 19,000 Deutz F1 M414 units were built altogether.

Warning: Collectors model. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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Deutz F1 M414 Schuco Metallmodell 1:18